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All Company's products are marked by a trade-mark

which holds the Certificate of Protection of No. 91482 issued by patent office of the Republic of Poland on 7th July 1996.

Our main, crucial goal which always prevails on,
in all activities we engage in, it is a full customer satisfaction and fulfilment of all his requirements.

BELLA® represents 30 years of traditions & experience in the manufacturing of polymer composite elements. The company was established in 1974 with private capital funding, as the largest Polish manufacturer of motorcycle safety helmets which for many years were commonly seen on all roads in Poland and in neighbouring countries as well.

In addition, the production of motor-car bodies from polyester and epoxy laminates for export and domestic market has been established.

As a results of our acquired experience a collaboration with some renowned automobile companies of Western Europe come into reality as well as use of advanced technologies and materials mostly composites with aramid fiber such as Kelvar®, Twaron® and carbon fiber along with durable polyethylene fiber Dyneema®, Spectra®.

In our manufacturing process of polymer composite elements we use most of all available methods of forming, which includes the most common contact forming-hand lay-up method allowing for a fast production start-up in short run orders. The other methods include: moulding with vacuum, moulding with low pressure with the elastic bag, filament winding, resin transfer molding (RTM), press molding based on BMC & SMC.

We have a design-production engineering shop, tool-shop and modern paint—shop at our disposal. The company's computer system allow a fast flow & analysis of data. The most experienced and trained to innovative way of thinking and modern line of product is our staff including management, the engineers, designers. They are ready to perform and cope with any difficult tasks and often extraordinary ones.


Within the scope of engineering activities our services include the following:

  • Designing of high quality products, very functional and aesthetic,
  • Production of product models, utilizing traditional methods as well as CAD/CAM & CNC technology,
  • Making the production tooling for ordered products as well as commercial item,
  • Selection of most favorable manufacturing methods. This selection is a kind of compromise which takes into account the specified deadlines of production start-up, scheduled production rate and lowering the production costs,
  • Selection of raw materials such as reinforcement fibers, matrix, fillers and auxiliary materials,
  • Painting of in-house made products and products charged by customers, utilizing methods used in the automotive industry (double-coat acrylic or polyurethane also available with metallic and pearlescent effects),
  • As one of just a few companies in Europe, we are able to manufacture of phenol composites elements which comply with the requirements of low flammability risks and low smoke and toxic emission. These products are permitted for usage in the public transportation, including rail cars going through tunnels.

Manufacturing is carried out in a modern production shop of 3'600 m2 in Czosnów near Warsaw.

On the ground of our many year's experience BELLA company provides assistance and joint action in solving of all problems related to polymer composite elements manufacturing on every stage of designing, preparation and production.

We pay a special attention to identify our trade-mark with composite elements on the highest quality. All sides of our business are focused on fulfilment of requirements and expectation specified by our customers. Therefore the Quality Managements System has been established at our company, supplied as documentary evidence and implemented in accordance with the requirements of the standard

In 2002 BELLA company received ISO 9001:2000 certificate in the scope of design, manufacturing and sale of polymer composite elements.

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