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CNC Center

Project ,,Creating CNC Center in Czosnow" was partly supported by European Union funds.

With the beginning of 2005, by starting up a numeric milling center in our company, we expended our offer by particulary attractive service of manufacturing large -dimensional models using milling on CNC milling machine upon 3D documentation provided by the client or elaborated by us.
The Centre consists of the following machines:
  • numerical milling machine F. Zimermann GmgH type FZ15S, five-axis (the X,Y,Z axes and additionally two torsion axes A and C) with working area: 6.000 mm x 3.200 mm x 1.250 mm,
  • machine for spreading hard modelers paste

CNC milling machine enables to mill models from materials of various structure and density up to 1.400 g/dcm3. Most often used materials are: foamed polystyrene, ureol, MDF, PUR foam, PVC and epoxide masses.

CNC milling machine together with machine for spreading hard modelers paste gives the unique possibility of manufacturing crusty models. With that kind of objects milling comes in 2 phases: 

I phase comprises:

  • initial milling undersized models core in polystyrene or foamed polystyrene
  • spraying special low–contraction epoxide resin on a core for a proper thickness

II phase comprises:

  •  milling of proper surface of model

Crusted models are manufacturing for over-sized products, for example in automotive industry (car bodies), in rail industry (models of front walls of trams and trains), in boatbuilding (hulls and decks of boats). There is also possibility to manufacture ready mock-up for advertising purpose.

CNC Center enables us to manufacture models with various degrees of smoothness, including also very smooth surfaces, destined for varnishing.

Extremely high preciseness of milling make it possible to produce models that consist of many parts, which means models of the elements with practically unlimited dimensions. 


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